Walker Capital Preservation Group specializes in retirement planning for both federal employees and the private sector workforce. 


Over the years, we have provided our clients with comprehensive, unbiased advice relating to all aspects of their personal finances and federal benefits.  Saving for retirement is only half the challenge. Developing a plan to help make your retirement money last a lifetime is the other half. Whether your goals include planning for retirement, growing your wealth, developing income strategies, leavings a legacy, or managing risk better - designing a holistic plan is the most critical step to successfully reach your goals for retirement. At WalkerCPG, we will help you plan for a secure financial future by incorporating sound retirement strategies to create a custom tailored plan for your family while coordinating your Social Security, Federal Benefits, and retirement assets.

Who We Serve:


Whether you are single, married, have a family, or are enjoying your retirement years, there are life insurance products designed to meet your unique needs.


WalkerCPG provides CSRS & FERS employees a personalized analysis of your government benefits, highlighting the strengths and gaps, and can offer unique solutions especially for you as you prepare for retirement.

Military Personnel

WalkerCPG proudly serves members of all branches of our armed forces, coordinating benefits and retirement assets in a holistic retirement plan tailored to the Military.

Chartered Federal Employee Benefit Consultant

Federal Employees have their own language of retirement benefits and assets that your Retirement Planner must be familiar with in order to properly coordinate every aspect into one all inclusive Holistic Retirement Plan

As such, all WalkerCPG representatives are required to obtain their ChFEBC certification - a prestigious designation for Financial Advisors, CPAs, Attorneys, and certain employees of the Federal Government, who have successfully completed an intensive training course and pass a rigorous annual examination covering ALL Federal Employee benefits and how to coordinate these benefits with successful retirement planning strategies.

Multiple Ways to Get Informed:

Seminars - Groups of 20-40 come learn, eat, drink, and merry as we spend an evening educating and empowering today's Feds during one of our in-depth seminars.  Both General Overview and Specific Topic Emphasis presentations are available!

Workshops - Does your agency, union, or region have scheduled conventions or gatherings?  Help us spread financial literacy by incorporating a Retirement Workshop today!

Webinars - whether one-on-one or group oriented, let WalkerCPG bring all of the educational tools right to you in the comfort of your own home!  If you simply have an internet connection, you have all the necessities to schedule a webinar to educate and empower yourself!

Individual Consultations - gain another level of comfort with the WalkerCPG representative as you work together in person to establish goals and determine the best strategies to achieve them!  No obligation, no cost!