Empower yourself by learning how your current benefits work, what they cost, what they cover, and where your gaps may be.

This custom generated report calculates and analyzes your Federal Retirement Pension, your Federal Employee Group Life Insurance premiums, Thrift Savings Plan, Surviving Spouse Benefit Options, and Retirement Eligibility for both CSRS and FERS employees.  This analysis illustrates your current benefit package and accurately projects the cost and coverage of these benefits through the rest of your career into retirement, empowering you with the foresight with which to plan ahead!

As a Federally Focused Financial Advisor, your WalkerCPG representative is specially trained to understand the federal benefits package provided to FERS and CSRS employees from all federal agencies.


Topics Coordinated in WCPG Holistic Planning:

  • Retirement Income Comparisons
  • Disability, RIF, VERA, Postponed, & Deferred Retirements
  • Retirement Eligibility Requirements
  • FERS/CSRS Retirement Annuity Forecasting
  • Retirement Forms & Benefit Coordination
  • Social Security Strategies
  • Social Security Benefit Projections
  • Social Security Taxation
  • WEP - Windfall Elimination Provision (CSRS Only)
  • TSP Allocation Strategies & Risk Tolerance
  • TSP Taxation Concerns and Solutions
  • TSP Access & Withdrawal
  • FEHB (Health Insurance)
  • FEGLI (Life Insurance)
  • FLTCIP (Long Term Care)
  • Survivor Benefits (Spouse and Dependents)
  • VCP- Voluntary Contribution Plan (CSRS Only)
  • Civilian Deposit/Redeposit Retirement Impact Projections
  • Personal Pension Implementation
  • Court Ordered Benefit Options