Have you had your Individual Retirement Income Forecast done?

 General Example of an income forecast/ plan

General Example of an income forecast/ plan

To accurately plan for retirement, it is absolutely critical to have your numbers projected so that you can see what your Retirement Income will look like relative to your current working salary.  This forecasting provides an essential baseline comparison by showing the retirement that your current financial path would potentially provide.  With this unique insight, it is possible review where one stands and outline possible course corrections that would be beneficial.  

Learn more about the importance of constructing a retirement income plan here:

Constructing A Retirement Income Plan

Organizational Tip:

Create a Retirement Documents Folder containing:

  • Certified copy of Birth Certificate
  • Leave & Earnings Statement
  • Social Security Statement
  • Marriage License / divorce decree
  • SF-1152 - Survivor Beneficiary Form
  • SF-1153 - FEGLI Beneficiary Form
  • SF-2808 - FEGLI Contingent Beneficiary Forms
  • TSP-3 - TSP Beneficiary form
  • Military DD214 (Military time)