Portfolio Check-Up

There are many forces that will impact your portfolio over time, as well as your goals for it. So it’s critical to perform regular checkups to assess your strategy, review your asset allocation, and the tax treatment of your holdings with respect to your plans for the future.

Our Portfolio Checkup assesses the overall performance of your current investment portfolio. We look to analyze the quality and sustainability of your portfolio with respect to the fees, while identifying improvements that can be made to help you more effectively meet your financial objectives.

Investment Products

Do my investments match my risk tolerance and align with my future goals?

Can changes within the markets negatively affect my standard of living in retirement?


Do I have too much or too little risk in my portfolio?

How should I evaluate my portfolio’s risk and how can I reduce it without settling for CD's and Money Market accounts?


Is my allocation of assets appropriate based on my goals and time horizon?

Do I have the necessary tax diversification to align my investments with my beliefs about future income tax rates?