"The cost of education isn't cheap, but what is the cost of remaining uninformed?"

WalkerCPG strives to make EDUCATION and EMPOWERMENT available to Federal Employees nationwide!

Topics Coordinated in WCPG Holistic Planning:

  • Retirement Income Comparisons
  • Disability, RIF, VERA, Postponed, & Deferred Retirements
  • Retirement Eligibility Requirements
  • FERS/CSRS Retirement Annuity Forecasting
  • Retirement Forms & Benefit Coordination
  • Social Security Strategies
  • Social Security Benefit Projections
  • Social Security Taxation
  • WEP - Windfall Elimination Provision (CSRS Only)
  • TSP Allocation Strategies & Risk Tolerance
  • TSP Taxation Concerns and Solutions
  • TSP Access & Withdrawal
  • FEHB (Health Insurance)
  • FEGLI (Life Insurance)
  • FLTCIP (Long Term Care)
  • Survivor Benefits (Spouse and Dependents)
  • VCP- Voluntary Contribution Plan (CSRS Only)
  • Civilian Deposit/Redeposit Retirement Impact Projections
  • Personal Pension Implementation
  • Court Ordered Benefit Options

Multiple Ways to Get Informed:

  1. WalkerCPG Seminars - Groups of 20-40 come learn, eat, drink, and merry as we spend an evening educating and empowering today's Feds during one of our in-depth seminars.  Both General Overview and Specific Topic Emphasis presentations are available!

  2. WalkerCPG Workshops - Does your agency, union, or region have scheduled conventions or gatherings?  Help us spread financial literacy by incorporating a Retirement Workshop today!

  3. WalkerCPG Webinars - whether one-on-one or group oriented, let WalkerCPG bring all of the educational tools right to you in the comfort of your own home!  If you simply have an internet connection, you have all the necessities to schedule a webinar to educate and empower yourself!

  4. WalkerCPG Appointments - gain another level of comfort with the WalkerCPG representative of your choice as you work together in person to establish goals and determine the best strategies to achieve them!  No obligation, no cost!