What exactly will taxes look like in the future?  No one knows for certain but after reviewing the running Debt Clock, after seeing the historic tax rates, and after hearing the facts as explained by Hon. David Walker in the links below, do you expect taxes to be higher or lower 20 years from now?  

Hon. David Walker - Understanding the Debt Problem

Hon. David Walkeserved as United States Comptroller General and as the Head of the Government Accountability Office (GAO) from 1998 to 2008, essentially acting as the CPA for the United States of America.  In this short video David, who spent over a decade acting as the nation's chief auditor, brings one of the most informed (and bi-partisan) perspectives conceivable to the "Debt Problem" that the United States faces.


If you are like the vast majority of people that anticipate higher rates when changes are inevitably made to the Tax Code, it is absolutely imperative that you explore the options available to protect your Retirement Funds from potential tax increases today!